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Organising Your Team

Coaches and Managers' Code of Behaviour

  • Place the safety and welfare of the athletes above all else.
  • Help each person (athlete, official etc) reach their potential - respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each person and compliment and encourage with positive and supportive feedback.
  • Any physical contact with a person should be appropriate to the situation and necessary for the person’s skill development.
  • Be reasonable in your demands on younger players time, energy and enthusiasm
  • Teach your players to abide by the rules and Laws of the Game
  • Ensure that equipment and facilities meet a reasonable safety standard and is appropriate to the age and ability of the players
  • Modify your approach to suit the skill levels and needs of players
  • Develop and enhance respect between players, opposition coaches and the decisions of the Match Official

Refer to our Season Info page to answer any questions you may have about our teams and the club.


If you have any questions please contact our Coaching Co-ordinator Allison Clarke 0412 293 873

The club has opportunities for coaching in age groups ranging from Under 7 to 16. Even if you do not feel ready to coach a team, many of our coaches would love to have an assistant coach.

Together with an appropriate coaching course this is a great way to learn the ropes and prepare for coaching next season.

HJSC is committed to provide the best training/coaching possible for our children, that means we need the best trained coaches we can find. Because we all need to start somewhere, the club is sponsoring training for all of the coaches at HJSC. As long as you are a registered coach with HJSC and the Football Federation Australia (FFA) the club will pick up your fees for training.

Registering with the FFA is the first step to start training with the FFA/FFV (Football Federation Victoria) and also means lower costs for training.

To sign up for a coaching course, first register as a coach:

Make sure you register as a HJSC coach, and remember to write down your new FFA number.

Second, register for the course you need from the list of dates: FFV Courses
Community coaching courses on offer are:

Grassroots - for coaching ages 5-9

  • 3 hour FREE course for those coaching MiniRoos

Skill Training Certificate - for coaching up to under 13

  • For Parents and 1st time coaches
  • 14 hour practical course (no assessment)

Game Training Certificate - for coaching ages 13-16
  • For coaches with/without prior experience
  • 14 hour practical course (no assessment)

Senior Coaching Certificate - for coaching ages 17 and over
  • For coaches with/without prior experience
  • 14 hour practical course (no assessment)

Allison will also have a number of sessions (Coach the Coaches) throughout the year so that we can all learn from some of the more experienced coaches in the club. 

Our Guide for Coaches contains further help and details of what you need to do


Being a team manager requires no experience or understanding of soccer, simply a desire to do something for your child’s team and the community.


The role includes:

  • Providing weekly email to team with the game details and duty roster.
  • Developing roster to share duties among the team (set up, oranges, washing game kit).
  • Contacting the opposing team weekly to confirm ground location and kick off times.
  • Coordinating the annual team photo and related orders.
  • Promoting the annual social function and related ticket sales.
  • Providing general information for the team.

MiniRoos (U7 to U11)

Managers should also arrange a roster of parent/older sibling to act as game leader (U7) or instructing referee

Rules MiniRoos (U7 to U11)

The AIA Vitality MiniRoos Playing Rules and Formats are outlined for ages 5-11 within this document

Junior teams (U12 to U18)

Managers will also need to arrange a roster for: 

  • 1 marshall for each home game
  • 1 line-judge each week

Managers for junior teams will also have game day responsibilities:

  • Team books and ID cards to be in the referees room 30 minues before kick off (don't forget to pick them up after the game!)
  • Results need to be submitted to the FFV by 6pm on game day. Please ensure this is completed each week without exception as the club is fined for late or nil entries.

Laws Juniors (U12 to U18)

An interactive Laws of the Game for full sided competition can be found online at the Football Federation of Australia

Please download this guide for an extract of the rules (eg playing times and balls sizes) for Juniors U12 to U18 Coaches and Team Managers FFV Club Team Handbook Juniors - Under 12 to 18 (extract) 

Entering weekly results

All team managers for U12-18 need to enter home game results by 6pm on the day of the game. To do this, you will need to register with Sporting Pulse (SP):

Step 1. Sports TG Passport Registration: visit this webpage to set-up a Sports TG Passport. If you already have an SP Passport go to Step 3

Step 2. Activate Sports TG Passport: A confirmation email will be sent by Sports TG to your nominated email address; check your Junk/Spam Mail folders. Within 30 minutes of registering your Sports TG Passport you must click the link in the confirmation email to activate your Sports TG Passport

Step 3. Send your SP Passport email address to to link your SP Passport to SP Competitions


Our Guide for Team Managers contains further help and details of what you need to do. Please select your the guide for your age group below.

Guide for using Sandringham College for training

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