Dear all,

Hopefully you have all had an enjoyable first half of the season with lots of laughs and maybe even a few goals. It’s great to see all the happy faces out having a kick about! This year HJSC is fielding 32 teams (up from 26 last year) and with over 450 players registered, we have grown by a whopping 20%. This is, in part, due to the new girls’ teams we have this year which now means nearly a third of our players are female.


We have introduced Junior Referees this year and it has been a great success. We have 27 HJSCers trained up and taking the field each week, developing their skills and building their confidence. Once they are old enough (13), they will be able to qualify with the FFV and start refereeing the older age groups.


Trivia night

For those of you who have ‘liked’ HJSC on Facebook, you will have seen the exciting news about the date for this year’s (parents) social night – Saturday 30th August for a top evening of trivia fun. Tickets will be available soon and will be strictly limited so start getting a table together (10 per table). If you have any raffle prize donations please contact Liz Elliot (0420 823 051) or drop them in at the canteen when you have a home game. 


If you are at the canteen, don’t forget you can still buy the Panini stickers if your children are obsessed with the Panini stickers as ours – who are we kidding, we know it is the parents that love them! – has anyone completed their album yet??


Dropping off at games and training

Please be reminded that you must not leave your children unattended whilst at training or games.  If you are unable to stay with your child, you must ensure that there is a responsible adult who has agreed to look after your child for the duration.  This should not be the coach as they are unable to do this whilst coaching the team. Unfortunately, we have had issue this reminder due to an incident at Dendy Park where an unknown man approached a Brighton player (a girl) when she went to the club toilets during training (evening).  When a Brighton club member went to see what was happening, the man disappeared rapidly.

Parent code of conduct

Due to some unfortunate behaviour by a very small minority of parents from opposition teams, we would also like to remind parents, and other supporters, to be aware of their behaviour and attitude whilst on the sidelines. Please support both our players and the opposition by:

  • encouraging children to enjoy the game
  • focussing on children’s efforts and performance, regardless of whether they win or lose
  • encouraging children to play by the rules of the game
  • showing children to have respect for other players and officials
  • ensuring equal opportunities for all players
  • being calm and positive with your sideline support
  • noting good performance and skills


Please let the kids play without instructions. Think of it like a classroom with the coach as the teacher. Would you go into your child’s class and yell instructions?


Please also remember to respect the referee, players, parents and officials from all clubs.


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Dates to watch out for are the team photos and the Castelfield Cup trials for Under 8 through to Under 11.


HJSC Committee