Hopefully your teams are on track and ready to start the season in a just 9 days’ time. We are looking for help this Sunday so that come opening weekend, the pitches are marked, the goals set up and the snags are on the BBQ!


If you can spare an hour or two to assist we would greatly appreciate your help at 11.00am on Sunday 3rd April at SIMPSON RESERVE, Fewster Road. 


If you would like to put your hand up for a specific task, the below needs to be completed: 

  • unpack canteen equipment at Simpson Reserve
  • clean BBQs
  • put up photos, banners, etc in Simpson Reserve clubrooms
  • build portable goals and re-apply tape for Simpson Reserve and Cheltenham Park
  • move goals to Sandy Sec (3 pairs) and re-assemble 
  • move goals, corner flags, first aid kit, stretcher, BBQ and canteen equipment to Cheltenham Park
  • set up canteen equipment at Cheltenham Park
  • clean change rooms and clubrooms and arrange necessary chairs and tables
  • check and set up Simpson Reserve goal kits (plastic buckets with nets, hooks, etc)


We will also need to transport equipment from our storeroom at Simpson Reserve to the other grounds (Cheltenham Park and Sandringham Secondary College) so if you have access to a ute or a trailer, please let us know.


If you can make it, please contact respond to this email or text to Leigh Walker on 0438 262 555 so we can gauge numbers as we are hoping to get about 10-12 people.



HJSC Committee