HJSC Junior Referees and Emergency U12+ Referees


HJSC Junior Referees


We are delighted to announce that we will be continuing our Junior Referee program this year.  The program is open to all current players aged 10 and up who are interested in learning to referee our Mini-Roos games (under 8-11), including the mixed teams on Saturday mornings (Cheltenham Park) and the girls teams on Sunday mornings (Simpson Reserve).  

We will be using one of our own fully accredited FFV Referees (and Under 16 player) to act as a Junior Referee mentor.   During the season the Mentor will observe the Junior Refs during game time and provide hints and tips to help develop our Junior Referees.  A number of our Junior Referees have gone on to become referees for the FFV.  Our program helps build the skills and confidence required for professional refereeing.  Junior Referees can embark on training to become a Level 4 FFV referee once they turn 13. 

We will be running an initial training course on Saturday 22nd April, 3.45pm-5.30pm, at Simpson Reserve, Fewster Rd.  We will also run the course the following Saturday 29th April if you cannot make it on the 22nd.  Even if you are unsure about refereeing you are very welcome to come along and give it a go and see if this is something you might like to try.

We anticipate that new referees will start refereeing games in the second or third week of the season once they have attended a training session.  If you cannot make either session please let us know and we may be able to arrange a catch up session at another time.  

If you would like to be a Junior Referee for the 2017 season can you please fill in the table below and email your responses to info@hamptonsoccer.com.au.


HJSC Junior Referees 2017


Player name

Birth date and current age

2017 HJSC team

Names of siblings and their current HJSC teams

Email address (parent)

Phone number

I can attend training on Sat 22 April – Y/N

I can attend training on Sat 29 April – Y?N

I would like to go on the list of emergencyMini-Roos referees 

(to be used when the rostered referee cannot make the game)

Emergency 12+ Referees


The FFV allocates referees for U12+ games (Sunday afternoons).  However, sometimes games are not allocated a referee or on rare occasions, the referee does not turn up.  When this happens the home team is required to supply a referee.  HJSC has a list of emergency referees (adults or players 14 years+) to call on for these occasions.  If you, or your HJSC player  have the necessary skills and experience to referee a U12+ game please let us know if you are willing to act as an emergency referee.  If interested, please fill in the table below and email your response to the Club.

Emergency 12+ Referee



Age (if under 18 years)

Experience eg. FFV accredited referee




Thank you