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The season starts on Saturday, 21 April 2018 with training normally commencing about a month before, depending on school holidays.

The season runs for 18 weeks with breaks for regrading (after round and round 10) as well as a couple of catch-up rounds, i.e. no  regular season games are scheduled in these weeks to allow for fixtures to change or for games that have had to be postponed to be re-played. The regular season does not stop for school holidays.

The regular season then finishes on 9 September 2018 with finals played the following few weeks.

We field teams in two competitions – the Football Federation Victoria run competitions for MiniRoos (Under 8 to Under 11) and Juniors (Under 12 to Under 18) and the Bayside clubs competitions for Under 7 Mixed.


The fixtures for all teams apart from Under 7s are set by the Football Federation Victoria (FFV), through Fox Sports Pulse. Fixture details can be found by following the link next to your team’s name on the relevant team page on www.hamptonsoccer.com.au

Alternatively, search for your child’s team on the Fox Sports Pulse app to find out the latest fixture details. 

For Under 7s, the fixtures are hosted by Beaumaris Soccer Club which can be found by following the link next to your team’s 

name on the relevant team page on www.hamptonsoccer.com.au.

There are a couple of points during the season when fixtures will change – after round 3 for all competitions and again after round 

9 for the MiniRoos (under 11 and below). This allows for new teams to be entered and for teams to change league. In addition, throughout the season, fixtures may change if a team withdraws

from the competition altogether.

The major advantage of allowing this re-grading period is that it helps ensure an even competition either by allowing strong teams to move up a league or by allowing inexperienced teams to move down a league. This helps to avoid heavily one-sided scorelines in which neither side benefits.

Info for parents 

Information on how we run our teams, leagues and competitions at HJSC. 

We offer the following teams and programs:

  • For 4 to 6 year olds, we offer a 10 week Goalkick program on Sunday mornings in Term 2.  Goalkick is a development program to introduce young boys and girls to the game of soccer in a non-competitive and fun environment.  

  • For boys and girls between 6 and 10 years old, the Mixed MiniRoos competition runs on Saturday mornings from April till September. Training is once a week. 

  • For girls between 8 and 10 years old, the Girls' MiniRoos competition runs on Sunday mornings from April till September.  Training is once a week. 

  • For boys and girls between 11 and 17 years old, the Junior competition play on Sundays from April till September.  We offer separate boys and girls teams, although teams can be mixed until under 13. Training is usually once per week, although some teams may train twice a week.

  • For girls between 7 and 12 years old, our 6 week Mini Matildas program runs on Saturday afternoons in July and August. Mini Matildas is a development program with the goal of acquainting girls with the game of soccer in a non-competitive and fun environment. 

For information on next season, teams or other HJSC questions please contact the following: 

  • Mixed teams: Under 7 to 9: Mark Sloane - sloane32sloane32@hotmail.com   M: 0435 991 622
  • Mixed/Boys teams: Under 10 to 13: Matt Licheri - Matt_Licheri@twusuper.com.au M: 0428 630 183
  • Mixed/Boys teams:  Under 14+: Matt O'Brien - mob4574@gmail.com M: 0416 254 041 
  • Girls teams: Under 8 to Under 16:  Mark Devine - markjohndevine@gmaiil.com M: 0477 753 491

Age group

The age group your child is eligible to play in depends on their age on the 1st January each year. If he or she is 10 on 1 January, they should play Under 11 that year. If your child’s birthday is in January, we would recommend they play in the age group of their friends or those in the same school grade. Players can play up an age group but cannot play down.

Age on 1 January 2018 Age group
4 Goalkick
5 Under 7 or Goalkick
6 Under 7
7 Under 8 
8 Under 9 
9 Under 10
10 Under 11
11 Under 12
12 Under 13 Boys or Under 14 Girls
13 Under 14
14 Under 15 Boys or Under 16 Girls
15 Under 16
16-19 Under 20

For some of the girls’ teams, the age group is combined, for example,  under 13-14 and Under 15-16. 

Girls can play in a mixed gender team up until Under 13. For girls turning 14 during the season that wish to play in a boys’ team, permission has to be granted from the FFV. Contact the President or Vice President if you think this applies to you.

For the Under 7 competition, the age limits are more flexible. So if your child is already 7 on the 1st January but has never played soccer before, he or she would be able to play in the Under 7 team.  

Players are not typically allowed to play for teams more than 2 years above their age, unless safety concerns can be addressed (i.e. the player is of the same physical size/strength of the older players).

Coaches and managers

The majority of coaches at HJSC are parent volunteers and in some instances our Junior players. They give up a massive amount of time to coach, develop and encourage our players.  

Our coaches are asked to complete the relevant age group accreditation training with the FFV and a working with children check. 

The team manager is another parent volunteer who will assist with the admin side of running the team, helping ensure fixtures are on, liaising with the opposition and communicating with the parents.  

We also offer coaching development for some of our older players where they are asked be an assistant coach on our teams


All teams will be provided with the official HJSC red Nike playing shirt. The shirt must be returned at the end of the season.

Parents will need to buy our Nike Park navy shorts, Nike Park navy socks, shin guards and boots.


Socks, shorts and hoodies (optional) can be bought at Sportsmart, 


HJSC is a member of Sportsmart’s Club Advantage program, which offers great benefits to us and our club members.

Our Club Advantage number is 800325. Quote this number every time you make a purchase from Sportsmart: www.sportsmart.com.au

HJSC provides coaches and managers with all the required equipment for training sessions and matches.


For Under 7s, we ask for parents to be referee as the role at this age is in fact ‘game leader’ – there is a lot more coaching than refereeing.

For under 8 through to under 11, each team is hopefully allocated Hampton Junior Soccer Club’s Junior Referee to officiate the game. As we do not have enough Junior Referees for each team, some parents will be asked to referee the games. 

For Under 12 and up, official referees are provided by the Football 

Federation Victoria, however, each team is to provide an assistant 

referee (aka linesman) to flag for offside and the ball out of play. 

Parent duties

As with any volunteer organisation we would be nothing without our 

committee and the tireless effort they put in to running the club.

We need your assistance as coaches, team managers, or general 

volunteers and are always keen to add people with varying skills and experience to our Committee. If you are able to help, please contact one of our committee members.

You will be asked to participate in the weekly running of the 

competitions at our venues by your team manager:

  • BBQing     
  • Grounds set up and pack away – setting up goals, corner flags, subs bench, stretcher      
  • Marshall - to be the point of contact for the referee and make sure all spectators are abiding by the spectator code of behaviour  
  • Assistant referee (linesman) – for under 12 to under 18 games to assist the referee in calling balls out of play and offside.

Dropping off at games and training

You should not leave your children unattended whilst at training or games, as a general rule, if you wouldn’t leave your child at home alone, don’t leave them at soccer alone.  If you are unable to stay with your child, please ensure that there is a responsible 

adult who has agreed to look after your child for the duration.  

This should not be the coach as they are unable to do this whilst coaching the team.

Parent code of behaviour

Please be aware of your behaviour and attitude whilst on the sidelines. 

Please support both our players and the opposition by:

  • Encourage children to participate and have fun
  • Focus on the child’s effort and performance rather than winning or losing 
  • Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a competition.

Please let the kids play without instructions - think of it like a classroom with the coach as the teacher. Would you go into your child’s class and yell instructions?

Please also remember to respect the referee, players, parents and officials from all clubs.


The majority of teams will train one night a week at a time based on the coach’s availability. Your team manager will let you know what night training will be. Some of the older teams may choose to train twice a week, but, again, this will be in agreement with the coach and the players.

Training will normally start a few weeks prior to the start of the season (mid April), depending on school holidays. Training can always start earlier if the coach is available and the team is likely to be broadly similar to the previous year’s team (i.e. under 7 through to under 10, older teams where there is only one team at that age group).

Training will be held at:

  • Simpson Reserve – Under 11 to Under 20 teams only 
  • Hampton Primary School – daylight hours only (no football boots to be worn)  
  • Sandringham Secondary College, entrance from Lansell Avenue – for all other teams

Your coach or manager will let you know the allocated location and time for training.


All competitions are of a home and away format playing against teams in the South Metropolitan region, mainly against other local Bayside clubs. 

The team manager will let you know what time to be at the playing venue for a match but it will typically be 20-30 minutes before the match to allow time for warm up.

The home ground for our games are

  • Under 7 to Under 11 boys/mixed (MiniRoos) – Cheltenham Park, Park Road, Cheltenham – all games played on Saturday mornings. 
  • Under 12 to Under 20 (Junior) and all girls’ teams – Simpson Reserve, Fewster Road, Hampton – all games played on Sundays

Your team will also play away games against other local clubs. There may be some leagues that include a few teams that require a bit more travel, eg Mornington or Baxter but this should only be a for a few games a season.

Start times for games varies week by week depending on how many other teams are playing at that venue that week, with the youngest age groups playing first (9am).  

For under 11 and below, scores are not recorded and there is no ladder. That is not to say, the individual teams don’t keep track of the score during the game but there is no central ladder of your team’s performance against the others in the league.

From under 12 and up, scores are recorded and there is a ladder. The team at the top of the ladder at the end of the season then goes on to play in the finals against the other leagues, i.e. the team at the top of the Under 12 South Kangaroo ladder will join in the final series with the same team from the top of the Under 12 North, East and West leagues.

Grading teams

For under 8 to 12, the teams are self-graded by the club and are:

  • Joeys – for those new to soccer  
  • Wallabies – for those teams that have been playing for 1-2 years  
  • Kangaroos – for experienced teams

At Hampton Junior Soccer Club, we will not enter a team in a Kangaroo league unless we have run trials to select the strongest players or that team played in a Kangaroo league the previous year.

For Under 13 and above the leagues are split A, B, C and D and are decided based on the performance of the team in the league the previous year.  If a team changes significantly from one year to the next, the club may request a change of league prior to the start of the season. This will be done in consultation with the coach and/or manager.

When the in-season regrading period opens, the club will contact the coaches to ask if they want to move leagues. Typically, if your team is winning or losing by more than 5 goals each week, the coach should request to move leagues, however, coaches should consider the travel commitments of moving up a league as, generally, the higher leagues involve slightly more travel.

The FFV will always move a team down a league but may only move a team up a league subject to there being space in the higher league.

Grading players

For those age groups from under 11 and up, where we have enough players to fill at least two teams, we will run grading trials. However, the trials are entirely optional and players may choose not to trial if they would prefer to stay in a team with friends who have also elected not to trial.

For the regular season, the trials process will start in February. Players MUST attend at least one session of the first two dates for trials.  Players who attend both sessions do have more chance of impressing the assessors, but if a player can only attend one session they will not be negatively assessed for this. Players that are successful in these first round of rails will be invited to attend a final trial.  

The trials are open to ALL eligible players who wish to be considered for selection for that particular squad.

Refer to the club’s trials and grading policy and processes.

Code of conduct

All parents, spectators and members are expected to adhere to the parents and spectators code of behaviour and HJSC’s rules.




For any further questions, please contact: info@hamptonsoccer.com.au or one of our committee: www.hamptonsoccer.com.au/Committee


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