Covid 19 and Return to Training

This page brings together all the information relating to how the club will need operate as we emerge from the restrictions of the Covid lockdown.

Please read these rules and ensure that you are strictly enforcing them as we commence our operations.

Bayside Council Update - 1st June

As of 1st June, Bayside council have allowed us to resume training.  

Over the next few days we will be establiging training times etc.  Your coach/manager will be in touch to organise as required.

Bayside Council Update - 28th May

Council have written to all clubs outlining the plans for a return to training on council grounds from the 1st June.  

We need to put the relevant paperwork in place, and cannot use the grounds until this has been established.  Therefore, please dont assume the groudns are open for use until you specifically hear form a club representative.

There are explicit instructions that the council have provided:

Weekends will not be made available for the purpose of training, we have instead extended access to include Monday and Fridays previously not allowed. VicPol have been notified of our approved allocations and will enforce DHHS penalties to anyone found breaching these restrictions. We are aware that sportsgrounds are used by non-Bayside Clubs who will be issued the maximum fine. Please ensure your club doesn’t find itself in this position.

  • Must comply with DHHS restrictions and have a Return to Training Plan approved by their Association and forwarded to Council for landlord consent;
  • Club must sign a separate Covid 19 agreement that sites that a breach may result in immediate withdrawal of any remaining 2020 winter season allocation. This document will be issued with your approved allocation. Sportsground lighting will not be turned on until we receive this signed document;
  • Council staff will inspect venues to check compliance with the approved Training Plan - Club coaches/Managers to be instructed that they must fully cooperate with staff if the venue is inspected;
  • A first and final warning for any breaches;
  • Club and relevant Association notified by email of any breaches;
  • If first breaches are extreme Council may choose to immediately withdraw 2020 winter tenancy; and
  • Second breach (by Club, regardless of team) will result in immediate withdrawal of 2020 winter allocation.

Irrespective of our views of the council plans, as a club we must comply with them as we cannot afford to breach the policies and the sanctions that coudl be imposed if we do. 
We need all members, players, coaches and managers to assist us with this. 

Guidence from the Governing Bodies

As key stakeholders for community sport in Victoria organisations have published guidelines for the commencement of community sport across Victoria. 

Whilst not mandatory, we are strongly encourgae to download the Covid19 Safe App as they will help with tracking in teh event of any outbreaks. Further information can be found here and as a club we support the use of this app to assist with getting back to a level of 'normality'.

First and foremost we must comply with the Directions issued by the Chief Health Officer of Victoria, which can be found:-


Sport & Recreation Victoria have published the following:  which also includes FAQ for participants in sporting activities. 

Football Victoria (FV) have published a return to training document - 


Bayside Council - The council are still finalising their plans in relation to the other governing bodies that have issued documents/policies and the latest statement from the council can be found here

This will be updated as we receive further information from the council.

PLEASE NOTE! - As it currently stands, we do not have any access rights from council to operate on any council provided land.  All tenancy agreements were withdrawn at the start of lockdown and haven’t been reinstated as yet. 

Return to Training Guidlines

As we commence our training programs these are the rules that we must apply to all our training sessions.  

NOTE this will only start once the council have provided permission to use the grounds.

Training  Protocol individuals

Training  Protocol  Players  Parents

Training Zones and Rules - Simpson Reserve

Simpson Reserve has been divided into four training zones.  You will be allocated a specific zone for your training and you MUST use that zone that has been allocated to you.

As of 1st june we can train 20 players in each zone and so all junior teams shoudl be able to train in 1/2 pitch sized area

Simpson  Reserve  Training

Training Zones and Rules - Cheltenham Park

Cheltenham Park has been divided into three training zones.  You will be allocated a specific zone for your training and you MUST use that zone that has been allocated to you.

As of 1st june we can train 20 players in each zone and so all junior teams shoudl be able to train in 1/2 pitch sized area

We have not alocated any training slots on the side fo the ground that normally has pitch 1 and 2 as we do not have lights there.  If any team is training before it gets dark, please contact us as we may be able to accomodate you on that side of the park.
Chelt park training