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Last updated 14 Apr 2021
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Club policies and Child Safety

This page provides details of all the club policies and procedures.

child safety

In line with our statutory requirements of operating a sporting organisation that caters for young children, Hampton East Brighton Football Club is aligned to the Victorian and National standards for child safety.

However, being a child safe organisation goes above and beyond having policies and procedures in place:

A child safe organisation consciously and systematically:

·       Creates an environment where children’s safety and wellbeing is at the centre of thought, values and actions.

·       Places emphasis on genuine engagement with and valuing of children and young people.

·       Creates conditions that reduce the likelihood of harm to children and young people.

·       Creates conditions that increase the likelihood of identifying any harm.

·       Responds to any concerns, disclosures, allegations or suspicions of harm.

At HEBFC child safety is very important to us and we have mandatory policy that all coaches, managers and members must follow.

All coaches and managers who operate at the club MUST provide a signed acknowledgment that they have read and understood the Club Child Safety Policy and they will abide by the Clubs Code of Conduct.

The Club Child Safety Policy & Code of Conduct can be found here:

A key features document for Managers & Coaches to sign is found here.

Any questions relating to any aspect of child safety, should be directed to the club child safety officer - Elaine Sloane who can be emailed at


The Website for the Victorian Commission for Children and Young People can be found by clicking here, this organisation has the stated aim of Recognising, respecting and defending the rights of children and young people:

child safe organisations logo

The website for the National Child Safe Organisations and the National Principles can be found here.

Football Victoria Ground Marshall Handbook

Here is a link to an overview of the role and responsibilities of Ground Marshalls as published by Football Victoria.  If you are a Ground Marshall then please follow this guidance.  Click Here

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