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Last updated 14 Apr 2021
Cheltenham Park - Pitch 1Open
Cheltenham Park - Pitch 2Open
Cheltenham Park - Pitch 3Open
Cheltenham Park - Pitch 4Open
Dendy Park - SeniorsOpen
Hampton Primary SchoolOpen
Simpson Reserve - Pitch 1Open
Simpson Reserve - Pitch 2Open


This section provides resources for our coaches. For any coaching queries please contact Chris Sampson, Coaching Coordinator on 0409 195793,

Cheltenham Park set up

6 Week Coaching Programs

These two programs cover 6 weeks of sessions appropriate for the relevant age groups.  A great way for coaches to save time with some standard session plans that you can adapt for your squad:

Football Victoria Resources

Link to Football Victoria resources.  Checkout the Community Course Participant Manual particularly the Miniroos and Skills Training if you are coaching a younger team.

Here is the link to book on a training course.  If you are coaching an Under 8s and below then we really recommend you do the Miniroos's free!  If you coach an older age group and would like to undertake one of the other programs then contact the Coaching Coordinator and we can discuss options.

Here is the link for the Football Victoria Club Handbook (2021 version).

Club Coaching Coordinator Resources FV CCC (Club Coach Coordinator) Program | Facebook.

Player Development Project

If you enjoy a podcast then check out these guys at Player Development Project.  A fantastic philosophy.  They also have a portal where you can register (there is a cost) for loads of worthwhile content.  Search your podcast service for Player Development Project for free podcasts.

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