Our Club

Community surveys indicate that soccer and baseball are amongst the fastest growing segments of junior sport in the Bayside Brighton area. Existing Junior soccer clubs are experiencing strong growth and often have reached capacity in terms of intake-levels.

Capitalising on this wave of popularity the sport is enjoying today, the establishment of the Hampton Junior Soccer Club offers a genuine opportunity for even more children in Bayside and provides them with the facility to explore the game of soccer at a young age.

Incorporated on November 24, 2000, the Hampton Junior Soccer Club is a community based Club, run purely by the efforts of volunteering parents.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Hampton Junior Soccer Club is to provide young girls and boys the opportunity to learn and play the game of soccer while developing skills, tactics, and social experiences which they can take with them on their journey through life.

Our Core Values

  • Fair Play
  • Enjoyment at all levels for all soccer participants
  • Community and family orientation
  • Open registration
  • Positive coaching
  • Everyone plays
  • Multi-cultural